In a world that feels smaller every day, expanding your business
beyond borders can be a daunting task. Fear not!

With almost a decade of experience, a holistic approach, and cutting-edge tools,
we're here to help you conquer new markets. Let us connect the dots for you!

What we can do



International Business Development

Scanning opportunities to join the dots, fostering organic and/or inorganic growth for companies.


M&A Advisory

Assisting strategic investors in identifying and acquiring mature software companies with critical solutions for their respective industries.


Startup Advisory

Catalyzing the growth of startups, we craft a comprehensive blueprint, starting with a solid business plan and culminating in a persuasive pitch deck to secure funding.


Copywriting and Language Services

Copywriting. Storytelling. Translation. Revision. Post-Edition. Transcreation. You need it. We create it.

Our team

We may be a small group of advisors - just two in-house and a couple of externals - but we pack a powerful punch when it comes to making your business thrive on an international scale.


Joana Mazvyliene

Partner, Data Analyst

Victor Pereira

Partner, Managing Director

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